Results of 2012 PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship

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Yesterday six members of the Club travelled to The Warwick Arts Centre to witness Leek Photographic Club's performance in the 2012 PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship. The competition is the last of the season representing the pinnacle of inter-club competition and, as I understand it , this is the first time that Leek has achieved a place in it. A total of 38 clubs were due to take part, consisting of two clubs from each Regional Federation who had previously won the right to represent their Federation, while the top 10 performing clubs from last year's competition were automatically invited back.You will recall that Leek qualified  for this competition by winning the MCPF Inter-Club PDI Competition at Leicester way back in April.

At the end of a long day the final result demonstrated a terrific performance by Leek in finishing a hugely creditable 5th equal. However this single detail hides a number of roller-coaster twists and turns as the rounds progressed. For those of you with strong stomachs I provide further details below…..

Prior to the competition we provided a data-bank of 40 images that could be drawn upon during the day, and also indicated our eight chosen entries for round one. Three judges - Colin Harrison FRPS MFIAP MPAGB FBPE FIPF EFIAP/s; Bob Moore HonFRPS MPAGB HonPAGB; David Wheeler FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/p DPAGB - scored each image between 2-5 giving a possible total for each image between 6-15. At the end of Round One Leek were leading by three points with a score of 108. In the second Round, consisting of 8 different images, Leek scored 103. The scores for these two Rounds were totalled and the top 8 clubs progressed to compete in the Final while the remaining clubs competed for The Plate. I'm delighted to report that at this point our total score of 211 placed us joint second with Smethwick PS, trailing Wigan 10 Foto Club by 3 points, and thus one of the top eight clubs who would contest the Final.

During the morning session Paul Matthews received his award, the new Colin Smith Trophy for PAGB GB Cup Nature Photographer of the Year which he achieved at the start of 2012. Many congratulations to Paul.

Over Lunchtime we selected from the databank the 20 images required for the Final Round. These could consist of up to 10 images used in the earlier Rounds plus at least 10 new images with restrictions on the total number of Natural History images, and the number allowed from each club member.

In the afternoon session we had a nervous wait while the images of the 30 clubs competing in The Plate competition were judged. Then the Final was contested and the organisers cleverly held an interval after 10 of the images from each of the top 8 clubs had been scored. At this point Leek were once again in first place with a score of 136 and a clear lead of 4 points. We settled down for the last 80 images  [10 from each of the 8 clubs] to be judged amid a very tense atmosphere. It was at this point that several clubs demonstrated their superior strength in depth and/or tactical experience. Nevertheless we did tremendously well finishing 5th equal, and matching the performance of any of the clubs who didn't have an automatic entry from last year. This result is a fitting conclusion to what has been a highly successful season for us. From the recent comments that I have received we have certainly put Leek firmly on the map as far as the MCPF is concerned. Details of final club scores are provided below. I won't provide all the individual image scores here but will note that some of our images did obtain maximum scores of 15 - Morning Bath Time by Sonja Haigh in the Final Round, Road to the North by Linda Battersby in the Final Round, and Short Eared Owl by Paul Matthews in both Round 2 and the Final Round.

Finally, it should be noted that because of our achievement in finishing in the top eight clubs we have gained an automatic right to be in this competition next year. Better start clicking everyone because next season we will need a completely new bank of images.

Once again many thanks to those club members who willingly put forward images for selection for these competitions, and to the members of the selection committee for their efforts in choosing the best to represent us.

Final Scores
1   Wigan 10 Foto Club  267
2   Smethwick PS  259
3   Amersham PS 258
4  Plymouth CC 247
5 Leek PC 246
5 Cannock PS 246
5 Inn Focus Group 246
8 Rolls Royce (Derby) PS  236

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